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2014 April, CHARACTERS


Lost in a world

of Strangers.


"Redheaded Stranger" - Amy O'Neill

art book review by laura byrne





“ We never look at just one thing; we are always looking at the relation between things and ourselves. Our vision is continually active, continually moving, continually holding things in a circle around itself, constituting what is present to us as we are”.


Ways of seeing

Books centered around visual narrative, with little or no text are an intriguing way for the viewer to feel their way through an artist's work, left to fumble through the visual myriad, to make ones own story through the story of another, not be handheld in any way, to be inserted in or become part of the bigger picture. Karma is presently publishing a series of very thin, small edition (500) books which focus on visual narrative, the content spectrum is broad, topics explored so far are Elvis, children and rock waves, Redhead Stranger is the most recent title, consequently obtaining the review.

'Redheaded Stranger' by Amy O'Neill leaves the door for all strains of curiosities wide open. O'Neill is a New York based artist, her work infuses cultural cross sections of Americana and Swiss Cultural-isms the latter after her residing in Geneva for some time.



Redheaded Stranger' reads like a long forgotten year book, a wilted byproduct of Americana-Esq peculiarity, twenty-eight images of strikingly immaculate red haired women lined up page after page, not dissimilar to the beauty queen pageantry that it so well emulates.

Leafing past these flame haired beauties one cannot help being hit by the feeling that these women are disconnected within the boundary of the page on which they are settled. Numerous in their plastic smiles, garish gowns, fake hair, they have been pulled and prepped into the idealistic beauty that is expected,  whilst being pushed and molded into socially unrealistic norms. There's a compelling undertone  these women are one more hair style away from a fully fledged melt down, a repetition of forced smiles fused with wearisome eyes, beauty glazed on an asperous surface.

The hypothesis of the compilation, a peek to the buried past, when women's small eccentricities weren't cleaved by the photoshop axe,  slung to the graveyard of truth, where all the normalities lie in utopia together, unjudged.




Each heavenly redhead is contained within her own scene and style, holding a story, a fragmented piece of time where she is the sole participant in her own beauty pageant.

TAR is the sticky stuff we pave our roads and build our roofs with.

It affords us travel and shelters us from the storm. It is also an anagram of the word art.

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