'"TAR is a tremendous flight of fantasy for those who need to plan a way to escape from this planet or to save it."




Born in 1971 in Alto Adige/Südtirol, Italy, Luca Melchionna has studied contemporary history at the Universities of Bologna and Edinburgh. After diving into the history of journalism he felt the urge to surface to air and become himself a journalist. Since 2003 he has been working at the communication department of the Mart, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovereto, and for the italian editions of Rolling Stone, Glamour and Wired.

Alison Bennett is an artist and academic working in photography and digital media in Melbourne. She is currently undertaking a ‘creative practice as research’ PhD at Deakin University based in the Deakin Motion Lab on the nature of surface in digital images. She has worked as a scene photographer documenting the Melbourne queer performance and party scene for several years and her editorial and fashion photography has been published in magazines such as Treadlie and Cherrie magazine.



Laura Byrne is a visual artist currently living and working New York.  Originally from Ireland, but a wandering gypsy at heart, she received her BA from Edinburgh College of Art and studied in Iceland. She traveled to New York to work on an illuminated manuscript. When this project came to fruition, the world of artists’ books opened. She is now working at Printed Matter making books and writing small stories about wonderful things.


Born in South Africa, moved to London in 1961. After attending school in the UK, Michael took a foundation art course at Goldsmiths, then a BA Hons degree at The London College of Communication as a photographer, and upon graduation started as a commercial photographer in 1975. Michael worked for advertising agencies, magazines, record companies, but became disenchanted after several years of collecting ‘art’ photography. Michael decided to convert one of the studios into a small gallery. The main Michael Hoppen Gallery opened in October 1992 in the same rooms that used to house his studios.


Christina Martinelli is an artist and native new yorker, born and raised in Greenwich Village where her parents co-ran A Clean, Well-Lighted Place, inc, a small print gallery. She left New York to attend Bennington College where she received her BA, and earned her MFA in sculpture from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Upon returning to New York she worked at Specific Object / David Platzker, a bookstore and gallery, and is now the store manager at Printed Matter. She lives in Brooklyn.



Free-lance curator, design theoretician and historian,filmmaker, and serial-killer enthusiast, Alexandra Midal started her multi-disciplinary career as Dan Graham’s assistant before becoming Director of the FRAC Haute-Normandie, and is currently the head of the Masters Design program at the HEAD in Geneva. Her output is staggering: In the last years, she has produced four films of visual theory, many international. curatorial projectswhile writing for numerous journals and museum catalogues.


born 1985 in GERMANY, DISCIPLE OF  Ralf Kerbach , Hopfe and Macketanz SHE DEVELOPED HER STUDIES STARTING WITH A graduation in Theology & Cultural Studies at Leipzig University. PAINTER, PERFORMER, SUBJECT-OBJECT OF ART IN HERSELF DIANA WEHMEIER  crosses THE borders of make-believe giving life to  EYE-CATCHING RITUALITies. enclosing her  fleshly gestures to the surface of canvas - or even living skin - she set up orders,  environments, worlds from which we cannot hide.

In summer 2012, Eileen Huhn and Pierre Horn founded the Studio Schall & Schnabel. Together both combine minimalistic design and atmospheric images in fashion and portrait photography. In their studio, they have created editorials for several international magazines and lookbooks for various fashion designers. They are represented in Material Girl, Baccarat Hong Kong, Kaltblut Magazine, etc.


Born in 1949, and trained at University of Nottingham and the Architectural Association. Coates is one of Britain’s consistently original thinkers in architecture, interior and product design. He has led a parallel career in teaching, design practice and artistically driven, internationally recognised work. Beyond issues of function or style, narrative, he asserts, is a language of design that builds on people's everyday experience. Form must follow fiction.




Marguerite Humeau is a speculative designer and director of a design trilogy. A Royal College of Art graduate, she was born in France in 1986 and currently lives and works in London. As the designer, heroine and narrator of epic journeys, reality for Humeau is “becoming increasingly opaque and could be seen as a permanent fiction”. The “design trilogy” she is currently working on is concerned with reconnecting and reenacting extinct, unknown or physically unreachable lives.

TAR is the sticky stuff we pave our roads and build our roofs with.

It affords us travel and shelters us from the storm. It is also an anagram of the word art.

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