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Object Unique

5 short questions - through SMS - about Artdesign to

Marco Morandini

Artdesign Curator

Artdesign : 'objects unique' + 'function'. Not a new trend, but a solid market for the contemporary collector.  TAR opens this column to explore both the Glamourous and the Humble side of this world made by Communicators as Curators, Artisans  as Artists and Luxury Design Shops as Art Galleries. Object Unique: 5 short questions  ( and answers ) through SMS to the people of Artdesign.

TAR  Forms Follows Function’: which is the meaning of this statement in your way of curating?

MM Both Form and Function follows the message we want to communicate


TAR  When it’s ‘Art’ and when is ‘Design’?

MM I am interested in Artdesign. Design objects with the characteristics of Art works.


TAR  Many of yours initiatives merge into communications acts. They say that the Curator, after all, is just this: a communicator. Do you behold this intent?

MM  Yes, i like it! I do believe it’s interesting to define a Curator as a Communicator.


TAR How do you measure the quality of your work: Fame? Money? …other?

MM   The energy that is created working with the artist makes you addicted


TAR We’ve seen your recent collaboration with Artist Alessandro Brighetti at Visionnaire’s Wunderkammer in Milan: what’s interesting in his work from your perspective?

MM   His recent kinetic sculptures feed themselves: they don’t consume electricity but they get their movement from solar energy, wind or magnetic sources. A message of actual environmental awareness we think it's right to spread.


TAR Which are your next projects?

MM   Three Artists & Three Designer, a new eco-friendly material, a limited edition collection of objects.



Chlorophyl - 2016. Alessandro Brighetti exhibition at Wunderkammer, Visionnaire - Milan

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