'"TAR is a tremendous flight of fantasy for those who need to plan a way to escape from this planet or to save it."


What ever happened to the future? The once imaged world of jet packs, holidays on the moon, and dinners squeezed out of toothpaste tubes? Where futurity once relied on wildly imaginative technological fantasies - often as utopian as they were monstrous - today’s conception of the world to come seems either apocalyptic or utterly regressive, an image of the future that has been frozen in the past. The prospective future of the Mars colony or the android love object had been put within the hopeful grasp of our emergent century; we now look back to silent films from the 1920s to discover "time travelers using cell phones.” ....continues on ' FUTURITY? Frozen in the past ' TAR magazine print edition Spring 2014


by Joao Ribas





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TAR is the sticky stuff we pave our roads and build our roofs with.

It affords us travel and shelters us from the storm. It is also an anagram of the word art.

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