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Week 2014, May 17- May 24


So Expen$$$ive,

So gorgeous.

interview by

Alison Bennet at


LAUNCH OF  FOUND FESTIVAL May 17th 2014, Melbourne


Shamless Brynne backstage with the Expen$$$ive manager before their appearance at The Found Festival.

The opening party of the Found Festival in Melbourne featured a guest appearance and album signing by members of the super group



This was an opportunity for fans to have a close encounter with the fabulous fierce femmes known reverently as Fancy Bitch Brynne, Teen Supreme Brynne, Shameless Brynne and Bling Brynne. Alison Bennett caught up with the Brynnes and attempted to grasp the enigma that is Expen$$$ive.

Shameless Brynne objects to the camera's intrusion

Expen$$$ive Brynnes: Believe in Unicorns

It may be a little hard for someone who's not Expen$$$ive to understand, but when you are, you get an immediate sense of $$$ people when you're in their presence. It's more than just the Chanel perfume.



Shameless BrynnE

Expen$$$ive greet the fans under the anxious watch of security. Shameless Brynne gets creative with the CDs.

Fancy Bitch Brynne signing CDs.


This young fan went away with two signed CDs - one for herself & one for her sister who also loves Expen$$$ive but wasn't able to make the gig. sistas!

It's all a transaction.

Which I think is also why

we are Expen$$$ive.




Teen Supreme poses for a fan who managed to get backstage.

Bling Brynne signing an album.

Security is discrete but watchful as the Brynnes get close to the fans.


We make sure

we look red carpet ready

at all times..




Shameless Brynne is asked to sign a fan's arm.

Fancy Bitch Brynne gives an Expen$$$ive blessings


AB Hello Brynnes! Thank you for making time to talk with me!


Shameless BrynnE Our pleasure. We try to give back to the fans when we can. We know how important we are to you.


AB I must apologise if I am treading on sensitive territory at the outset but I cannot help notice that your fourth member, Bling Brynne, is not part of our catch up today. Is there any truth in the rumours that there has been a parting of the ways?


Shameless BrynnE Yes. But it was amicable.


FANCY BITCh BrynnE We still speak everyday.


AB It was exciting to see you guys signing CDs on Saturday night. Did the festival organisers make a point of including you as the final act of the night?


Shameless BrynnE It's the logical place to put us. We only headline.


AB  What brought you together to form the band?


Shameless BrynnE We met on Facebook. We liked each other a lot. Multiple times.


AB: And when you finally met face to face?


FANCY BITCh  BrynnE I felt like I had met my soul sisters. They were just so beautiful and well-dressed.


Shameless BrynnE  It may be a little hard for someone who's not Expen$$$ive to understand, but when you are, you get an immediate sense of $$$ people when you're in their presence. It's more than just the Chanel perfume.


AB Is that what unites you as a group?


Shameless BrynnE  Yes. We love ourselves individually & we group love as well.


AB How would you describe your music?


Shameless BrynnE Our music is keenly anticipated.


AB Tell me about the CDs you were signing on Saturday night?


FANCY BITCh  BrynnE  We haven't released any music yet so the CDs we signed were from random bands, but the signatures on them were exclusively Expen$$$ive.


AB So, is there is an album in the future?


Shameless BrynnE  We have an EP of song-titles in the works. We are spending a lot of time in the studio writing song titles… Mainly applying fake tans at the moment but it's all part of the creative process.


AB What kind of music inspires you?


Shameless BrynnE Oh, I have a music phobia!


FANCY BITCh  BrynnE  Shameless Brynne, you don't have to tell her if you're not comfortable.


Shameless BrynnE  It's ok. We're just not rushing into it


FANCY BITCh  BrynnE That is right! Why rush when we're already perfect?


AB  In that case, what is it like when you do perform?


Shameless BrynnE AMAZING! The crowds hush, all eyes turn towards us, sometimes people start to cry!


FANCY BITCh  BrynnE             We need medics. Some people have compared our appearances to a Michael Jackson concert.


(At this point we are joined by Teen Supreme Brynne!)


FANCY BITCh  BrynnE Hi Teen Supreme, *air kiss* *air kiss* you look beautiful.


Shameless BrynnE  Stunning!


AB OMG! What are you wearing?


TEEN SUPREME BrynnE I was wearing a very short mini-skirt and fishnet stockings and a see through shirt with a leopard bra, but I've just changed into this floral nightgown.


AB I was just trying to paint a picture of your performances and appearances.


TEEN SUPREME BrynnE Music-wise it's funny because I find it quite hard to get into a lot of music but I was really moved by Miley Cyrus's album. I really cried a lot listening to that. I also really love Lesley Gore and 60s girl-group music. I love that super-feminine sugary sound.


AB  I observed on Saturday night that you seem to have a special relationship with your fan-base.


TEEN SUPREME BrynnE Yes I think, part of the reason why we enjoy celebrity is we all want to be wanted and want someone. I think it's beautiful that we can want each other.


AB  I know you only had a short period of time to spare on Saturday night. Is that why you chose to do a 'meet and greet' with the fans?


TEEN SUPREME BrynnE I'm really happy to give up my time to do that. For me, sharing those precious moments is so important. It's a big part of the job, the labour of love that is being Expen$$ive. You know a lot of groups say for them it's about the music. I think, for us, it's much more than that.


Shameless BrynnE  We understand how much joy we can bring. Just a smile from us can brighten a fan's week, or even their year. It's not much effort from us.


Shameless BrynnE I just love being worshipped.


TEEN SUPREME BrynnE We're about being Expen$$$ive and wonderful and loving ourselves and giving that love to others, which I think is just brilliant.


Shameless BrynnE  It really really (really) is about sharing love & support & positivity. We are comfortable with being fabulous and we know we are role models for all that come into contact with us.


TEEN SUPREME BrynnE It's all a transaction. Which I think is also why we are Expen$$$ive.


AB And what sort of things happen when you meet your fans?


Shameless BrynnE  We like to find out a little about the followers. Because we are interested in them too - we're interested in how long they've loved us.


TEEN SUPREME BrynnE One of the fans has been following us since before all this craziness happened, and I believe he was wearing the same beanie he'd worn when he first saw us. That kind of commitment is really touching.


TEEN SUPREME BrynnE It's a small gesture but pretty beautiful.


FANCY BITCh  BrynnE I think it's very powerful statement, actually.


AB So your message is about love?


TEEN SUPREME BrynnE and APPRECIATION! Appreciating fine things, ourselves, each other …


AB You know, I was so embarrassed that I mistook your casual clothes for your stage outfits.


Shameless BrynnE Value is arbitrary. It's whatever you chose to assign to something. We assign ourselves a lot which is why we're Expen$$$ive.


FANCY BITCh  BrynnE We make sure we look red carpet ready at all times.


AB Even in a floral nightie?


TEEN SUPREME BrynnE I love making an effort! I have a full face of make up on and am wearing a dollar sign ring with my nightie!


AB  Does it take a lot of work to get your look?


TEEN SUPREME BrynnE It's never WORK. It's always FUN


FANCY BITCh  BrynnE  We were born $$$ so no, it's not work.


AB So, in conclusion, I want to return to your forthcoming album. Do you have something special planned for the cover art?


TEEN SUPREME BrynnE I feel like I've already said too much! You can expect something honest, fun and Expen$$$ive!


Shameless BrynnE We like to keep a little mystery but let's just say that we're pushing Photoshop technology to the limits with the selfie album inserts.


AB   Is there a hashtag the fans can use for their selfies so that we can all participate?


FANCY BITCh  BrynnE Oh yes! #ExpensssiveBrynnes


AB  I can sense your manager hovering so I guess my time might be winding up. Before we sign off, is there any message you want to share?


Shameless BrynnE We love you all almost as we love ourselves!


TEEN SUPREME BrynnE  I'd love to tell the readers out there to take as many Selfies as they can!  #ExpensssiveBrynnes


FANCY BITCh  BrynnE And never, ever drink cheap champagne.


TEEN SUPREME BrynnE And take up ballet if you want to take up ballet! And wear something sparkley xxx


Expen$$$ive is the creation of performance artists Casey Jenkins, Emilia Athanasiadis and Kerith Manderson-Galvin.


Their performances deal with complex questions of value and quality in relation to feminine power.

Alison Bennett is a Melbourne based artist and academic

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